Fizan Carbon Pro 2021 Edition Personalised ARMOUR


Fizan CARBON PRO Nordic Walking Poles - Pair - Limited edition - personalised by StiXskin for easy identification or just for FUN 

These poles are one of the nicest poles we have ever tested - offer fantastic value for money as a top of a range model - poles are extremely light and rigid thanks to quality carbon fibre used.

They absorb any vibrations from use even on the hard surface. They have everything you would expect from professional Nordic walking poles - offer maximum comfort and confidence that you can perform Nordic correctlyso gain all the benefits while you can enjoy it:

- made of high quality carbon fibre ( Made in Italy) 
- weight only 185 grams what makes them the lightest adjustable length poles on the market. 

- full, releasable (detachable) hand strap (made for 2021 season from fully breathable, quick dry, light 3D fabric) 
- slim, comfort grip
- angled rubber paws
- carbide claw (harder then any surface you will walk on and provide excellent grip to any curface in every condition) 
- full spectrum adjustable length from 105 CM to 130 CM
- length markers are embedded in the bottom shaft with laser technique so the markings do not wear off over time (Fizan is the only brand who does that) StiXskin is applied on top section and below the size marks on the lower shaft.

- come with standard Medium size wrist strap - please let us known when checking out in comments box in if you require Small or Large size.

Let us know if you require any other personalisation from artwork available on stiXskin shop - we can provide it without extra charge. 

Special offer - for anyone who purchase the item at full price we will add matching design gloves OR carry bag free of charge (please specify what item you would like to receive when checking out in comments box)